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Written by Shai Pelled


Come have a seat on my train of thought

You better put your seat belt honey

We’re gonna take a trip around the block


The memories are at the speed of sound

We’re saving feelings on a Polaroid picture

We’ll have to take a trip around the block

And again we’re wasting time

Again investing in our pain

So we can feel alive

Tripping on a sound only we can hear

Staring at the words but they disappear

I’m chasing my own tale

Chasing my own tale


Let’s float around with no control

Sometimes I feel like everything’s too heavy

Yeah it’s the only way around the block


Oh, Don’t make a sound

I found a lightning in a bottle

In the lost and found

A home that’s built inside a flame for you


Searching for a storm when the coast is clear

Never knowing where do we go from here
I’m chasing my own tale

Chasing my own tale

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